T9500 Series T9515-44 15 inch 1000W RMS Dual 4 Ohm SuperWoofer

Legendary Output

The Original 9500

Built for Boom

The Original Bass Monster

MTX Audio has single-handedly created the biggest boom in the history of bass - Thunder9500, the world's first SuperWoofer! Thunder9500 stretches the limits of SPL while still providing truly accurate music reproduction. In the simplest of terms, it's really loud and still sounds amazing.


Spider Plateau Venting

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    High Roll Rubber Surround

    Increased Surface Diameter (Sd), Resulting in Greater Volume Displacement

    Spider Plateau Venting

    Mechanical Cooling Process Targeting the Voice Coil

    Asymmetrical Linear Drive System

    Controls Cone Movement Reducing Distortion

    The Original 9500

    The T9515-44 is the original and still the best for Earth shaking bass and hardcore SPL fun. This monster delivers old school SPL for rap, R&B, and any type of music that features low frequency.

    Key Features

    • Die Cast Aluminum Frame Construction for incredible strength and durability
    • Up to 3000 Watts Max Power Handling for amazing SPL levels with astonishing clarity
    • Up to 1" Xmax for massive Volume Displacement
    • Up to 260 oz. magnets that deliver incredible power
    • High Roll NBR Surround uses FEA optimized roll geometry to maximize excursion without sacrificing cone surface area
    • Expanded Poly Cone Dust Cap is injection molded, carbon filled, expanded polypropylene with aluminum deposition for dramatically increased stiffness/weight ratio
    • Stitched Cone for added durability and style
    • ALDS Asymmetrical Linear Drive System with a flat progressive spider and extended pole piece for smooth, linear, piston like drive

    MTX S-10 9500 Sub Install

    Subwoofer Wiring Calculator

    Learn how to properly wire your subwoofers with this easy subwoofer wiring diagram tool.

    Select # Of Woofers:

    Choose Impedance To Match Amp:



    Die Cast Aluminum Frame
    Up to 1" Xmax for Maximum Volume Displacement
    High Roll NBR Surround for Increased Surface Area
    ALDS - Asymmetrical Linear Drive System
    428 Degree High Temperature Flat Wound Aluminum Ribbon Wire
    Spider Plateau Venting Cooling Technology
    Tech Specs
    RMS Power (Watts) 1000
    Recommended Amp Power (RMS) 500 - 1000
    Peak Power (Watts) 2000
    Impedance Dual 4Ω
    Frequency Response 24Hz - 150Hz
    Sensitivity 90.3 dB
    Voice Coil 4"
    Magnet Weight 260 oz.
    Mounting Depth 10.75"
    Cut Out Diameter 13.88"
    Speaker Displacement .24 cu ft
    Volume Displacement (cu in) 135.77
    Sealed Enclosure Net Volume 1.5 cu ft
    Vented Enclosure Net Volume 2.25 cu ft
    Support Files
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