Thunder Elite TE601D 600W RMS Mono Block Class D Amplifier

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600W RMS 2 Ohm Stable Mono Block Class D Amplifier

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The ultimate expression of power and style. The piano black finish and brilliant chrome intake take Thunder to a new level of style. But underneath is still loud and proud MTX power and clarity. Oversized caps, ISMT produced circuit boards, Pure N-channel design, Adaptive Class D technology, and so much more combine to create the best sounding car audio amplifiers …ever.

Well Adjusted
Thunder Elite amplifiers offer the most extensive array of sound enhancement features of any Thunder amplifier. With the multitude of equalization settings, crossover options, subsonic filters, and other comprehensive adjustments all located on the top of the amplifiers, dialing in the perfect sound is easier than ever.

Plug & Play
Thunder Elite amps feature MTX Smart Engage technology making it easy to add Thunder amplifiers to any factory or aftermarket system - without additional adapter or converters. You get to keep your factory A/V system, steering wheel controls and navigation without removing the factory source.

The Colors
We have improved on our Prizm EFX with the addition of white light, the option of stealth mode with no lighting and the dazzling display of demo mode.

Pure XTC
Not just a fan, XTC is a self adjusting, turbo-charged intercooler that intelligently supplies cool air evenly and constantly over all devices based on the amplifier's demand.

Our friends at Streetwires (the number one name in mobile audio wiring and accessories) designed an entirely new set of terminal blocks specifically for Thunder amplifiers. Plus, all of the Streetwires designed input and output connections are grouped on the forward side of the amp making wiring simple.

  • Patented Smart Engage Technology Allows Easy Connection to Factory Radios
  • Patented Adaptive Class D Design
  • Prizm EFX LED Lighting Allows Easy Customization
  • Xtant Technology Cooling Delivers Cool Air to the Heat Sink Based On Output
  • Intelligent Surface Mount Design Resists Vibration
Tech Specs
4 Ohm RMS Power Output 300W x 1 Channel
Signal to Noise Ratio 71dB
2 Ohm RMS Power Output 600W x 1 Channel
1 Ohm RMS Power Output N/A
Topology Class D
THD <0.5%
Frequency Response 20Hz - 200Hz
Low Pass Filter Low @ 40Hz to 200Hz 24dB/Oct
Subsonic Filter NA
Bass Boost ThunderEQ: Boost 0-18dB, Freq. 40Hz
Max Sensitivity 100mV
Maximum Input Signal 10V
Height 9.63"
Width 16.7"
Depth 2.5"
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