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Terminator TNP212D2KIT Dual 12 inch 400W RMS Sealed Enclosure, Mono Block Amplifier, and Accessory Bundled Kit

The MTX Terminator TNP212D2 is an excellent all-in-one solution for anyone looking to add bass to their vehicle's audio system. The Party Pack is 400 Watts and two heavy twelves of a rocking concert-in-a-box!

Everything you need for a great bass system is in this package including the amp wiring kit and speaker wire you need to get it connected to your system.

Loaded Enclosure With Amp

This package includes the TNP212D2, a dual 12" sealed subwoofer enclosure and the included TNA251, a single channel amplifier specifically designed to work with the enclosure. For over 40 years MTX Audio has been making car audio electronics designed to deliver more than expected and that is exactly what this package offers.


    Wire, fuse, fuse holder and fittings required to connect amplifier to electrical system.

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    Thunder Bass

    Hard hitting dual 12 inch MTX subwoofers

    Designed For SPL

    Rock your car and the neighborhood!

    Easy Installation

    Mounts quickly in most trunks and SUVs

    TNP212D2 Highlights

    • Dual 12" Enclosure
    • 400 Watt RMS Power Enclosure
    • 250 Watt RMS Mono Block Amplifier Included
    • 5/8" MDF Construction
    • Sealed Design for Tighter Bass Response


    "...boy do these pound the bass is tight and the highs and lows are just amazing these even hit harder then my rockford fosgate punches"

    donnie, 1/16/2013, TNP212D2 Review

    Two Heavy Twelves

    The TNP212D2 includes two 12" subwoofers that are capable of handling 200 watts RMS power making for a total of 400 watts RMS. This sealed enclosure is made of 5/8" MDF (medium density fiberboard) and aviation grade carpet, ensuring its durability over time.

    Rockin' Power

    The included TNA251 is a 250 watt mono amplifier power house that is easy to connect to any source including factory radios. These two pieces together are the perfect choice for anyone looking for an easy to install complete system that will rock your universe. Throw the MTX Party Pack in the trunk and watch the people around the parking lot start dancing.

    Complete Wiring Kit Included

    StreetWires® ZN3 amplifier kits are the "better" in the StreetWires line of amplifier kit solutions. They feature everything you need to get your system powered up. Kit includes: 17' 8 AWG Red Power Cable, 3' 8 AWG Black Ground Cable, 16' 22 AWG Remote Wire, (1) 8 AWG Ringer Terminal 5/16", (1) 8 AWG Ring Terminal 3/16", (2) 8 AWG Spade Connectors, (1) 18 AWG Red Butt Connector, (1) 8 AWG AFS Fuse Holder, (1) 60A AFS Fuse. The kit also includesthe ZN3 audio interconnects for connecting your audio source to your system's amplifiers. Z31 interconnects feature twisted wire design as well as sure grip molded body to make installation and connection easier.

    StreetWires Super Cable is the better way to connect your speakers to your vehicle or home theater system. Twisted pair construction reduces radio frequency interference resulting in improved sound quality and lower signal loss.

    The MTX StreetWires SCP1850BL Super Cable 18 AWG Speaker Wire kit contains 50 feet of StreetWires speaker wire.

    • Amplifier Kit with Inteconnects Included
    • Speaker Wire for Connecting Amplifier to Enclosure Included
    • Mono Block Amplifier Included
    • 5/8" MDF Construction
    Subwoofer Dual 12"
    Height 14"
    Width 29.625"
    Bottom Depth 13.5"
    Top Depth NA
    Weight 55.1 lbs.