TERMINATOR65 6.5 inch 2-Way 45W RMS 4 Ohm Component Speaker Pair

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Supercharge Your Stock System

Upgrading your factory speakers is one of the easiest ways to get better sound in your car. Aftermarket speakers are able to handle more power and use better materials to deliver a better listening experience. The TERMINATOR Series speakers are designed to improve factory sound and work even better with an aftermarket radio and external amplifier.

The TERMINATOR65 is a 6.5" component speaker that is capable of handling up to 45W RMS power and has a 4 ohm impedance. The unit includes a durable steel basket, polypropylene cone, and mylar dome tweeter.

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    MTX TERMINATOR65 Speaker

    Rockin' Factory Upgrade

    The TERMINATOR65 is a 6.5" component speaker that is capable of handling up to 45W RMS power and has a 4 ohm impedance. The unit includes a durable steel basket, polypropylene cone, and mylar dome tweeter. The polypropylene woofer and mylar tweeter are engineered to reproduce high quality sound for any type of music and being from MTX it is designed to play lower notes than competitive models, so even if you don't have a subwoofer installed, you can still enjoy the low frequencies like bass drums.

    The interior motor structure includes spider plateau venting which mechanically targets cool air at the speaker's voice coil to ensure reliabilty. The included grille is durable and adds a pleasing aesthetic look to any installation.

    Affordable Upgrade

    Great way to quickly upgrade your factory stereo.

    Flexible Design

    Standard speaker sizes with 2" - 3" mounting depth. Coaxials and separates available.

    MTX Reliability

    Polypropylene cones and Mylar tweeters are durable time-tested technology.



    TERMINATOR Speakers are perfect for upgrading blown factory speakers or for use with source-unit amplification. The TERMINATOR Series has been around for many years and has been terminating the scene with some of the best factory replacement designs. With the TERMINATOR Series, we have made a better factory replacement speaker at a low price that won't hurt your pocket.

    MTX: Terminating the Scene for over 40 Years...


    Polypropylene Cone - Lightweight Yet Retains Stiffness for Excellent Sound Reproduction

    Mylar Tweeter - Able to Accurately Recreate High Frequency Sound

    Shallow Mounting Depth - Allows the Speakers to be Easily Installed in a Variety of Vehicles

    Tech Specs
    RMS Power (Watts) 45
    Sensitivity 89.0dB
    Peak Power (Watts) 90
    Frequency Response 54Hz - 20kHz
    Cone Material Polypropylene
    Grille Included Yes
    Woofer Mounting Depth 2"
    Crossover NA
    Support Files
    1kHzmp3 Download
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