What Our Customers Say...

“I've always used MTX products. They are High Quality Products that last forever and sound Amazing. I will continue to use MTX Audio for the rest of my life. In fact, I still have an old school MTX road thunder amp and it still works like a champ.”

Travis - 5/17/2015
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“I have always been very pleased with your quality and design”

Chris - Apr 9, 2015
MTX FaceBook Comment pounding for nearly six years

“Thanks called your rep before ordering and was very informative.”

lz - Apr 6, 2015

“You guys are awesomeee!! Ive purchased 3 subwoofer sets for my cousins and all loved it, so i thought i give it a try afterall their mtx terminator 12's hit Hhhhardd foreal”

Yogabbagabba - Apr 1, 2015
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“They are a great company!!”

Online Shopper - Mar 30, 2015
MTX FaceBook Comment first system ever

“great overall website very helpful for my purchases.”

tmoney - Mar 29, 2015

“I have always been impressed with MTX.”

AXO - Mar 28, 2015
MTX FaceBook Comment haven't let me down

“My buddy has had these subs before they are great and I like y'all products good dependable and powerful equipment for any bass head for a reasonable price”

Hoss - Mar 16, 2015

“mtx is an awesome audio equipment maker”

hss - Mar 15, 2015

“Max has always been bomb”

Eazy - Mar 13, 2015
MTX FaceBook Comment you guys are awesome

“Mtx always comes through and has been in the business of boom forever. 100% satisfied.”

Guest - Mar 28, 2015

“will buy again”

nono - Mar 12, 2015

“I was attempting to replace an MTX PS-10 Subwoofer that I had purchased 15 years ago. The new one doesn't have a remote volumne control, but other than that, I like it.”

Guest - Mar 17, 2015
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“If you are looking for aftermarket speakers in your car or a sub woofer in your trunk. The only way to look is MTX. With their wide variety of from good quality, low priced speakers that blow the competitions top of the line speakers right out of the trunk to big very loud speakers that will probably scare the people you drive next to. I love them and their speakers love me. Wouldnt even think about buying a kicker”

Whistler - Feb 24, 2015

“This system is amazing. Amp powers them well and my car shakes like a champ. Well worth the money. ”

Guest - Feb 27, 2015
MTX FaceBook Comment they kick ass

“You guys have a great selection of items and it is really simple to find what I am looking for. I am very satisfied with my resent purchases and if I every want more boom i will definantly be ordering your merchandise. Thanks”

13wildcat - Feb 19, 2015

“MTX is an awesome brand!!”

Joc - Feb 10, 2015

“Great Products from a Great Company!”

Chuck - Feb 9, 2015
MTX FaceBook Comment love to hear

“Awesome package for the price”

Guest - Feb 14, 2015

“MTX is good and reliable.”

Nick - Feb 2, 2015

“Great usage of entire site for accurate decision on what speakers I should get for my vehicle”

Merk - Jan 23, 2015
MTX FaceBook Comment I love my mtx

“Satisfied with MTX products I have purchased in the past.”

Rickster - Jan 19, 2015

“Awesome Company! Even better products!”

Walty - Jan 13, 2015

“I was a little skeptical when ordering this thunder form box. It fit perfectly matched the color perfect and sounded amazing. Very very pleased. Will be buying more in the future.”

Guest - Jan 23, 2015

“I'm not out of highschool and I don't have an income so I just chose one. As far as checking out your website is God awful. Some of the reasons which appear in red make absolutely zero sense.”

Matt - Jan 1, 2015
MTX FaceBook Comment my next headphones

“I must say.. im very impressed with the quality you guys produce.. ive recently upgraded everything in my car to all Mtx from rockford fosgate. You guys have my buisness from now on never again will i buy anything else... #1 hands down... thank you again”

Steven - 12/12/2014

“...I've been a big fan of your products for some time. I recently got a MTX thunder 5500 from you and works like a charm and they're the best iv used keep up the good work...”

David - 11/15/2014