540S Ambient Sensor Installation Verification

540S Ambient Sensor Installation Verification

The following steps should be taken after installation of 540S Ambient Sensors before they are connected to a Noise Collector device such as the T9032NS:


Installation should proceed with the following steps in order specified below.  

Note, it is important to make the basic electrical checks of the 540S sensor wiring indicated before connecting them to the NS terminal blocks to avoid possibly damaging the internal power supply that supplies power to the sensors.

1.  Wire all 540S sensors to the appropriate  Phoenix connector, but do not plug them into the terminal block.

2.  Using an Ohmmeter check the resistance between the connections for each sensor and see that the readings correspond to the values listed below.  (Note, readings will vary for a second or so as capacitors in the sensor charge up.)

Wire Pair  = Reading

Plus-Shield = 10 - 40 k
Minus-Shield = 150 k
Minus- Plus = 150 k

3.  Correct any problems indicated from the resistance readings.  Common problems include: reversed Plus and Minus wires, shorted wires, and disconnected wires (possibly from clamping onto the wire insulator in the Phoenix connector).