How to restore a backup to a fresh 1100 / 1200


If you ever need to replace a 1100 / 1200 with new hardware, or reimage the same hardware to a new state, you can use the following procedure to make the new machine behave exactly like the old machine.



Perform a backup in the SMC. This process is described in vACS Backup and Restore.pdf Save the backup file to a thumbdrive. The backup is stored in c:\inetpub\wwwroot\bak


New Machine Preparation

  1. Boot new hardware. Run first run wizard. Set to 1100 or 1200 as appropriate.
  2. Use the licensing utility to apply the correct license. (Or Contact your IED representative for a valid license.)
  3. Set the IP address for the machine.
  4. Using ASIControl, set the IP address for the soundcard.
  5. Use GlobalCom package files as necessary to bring the image up to date.



Perform a restore. This is documented in the link above. Choose the .vbk file saved during the backup process. Reboot the vACS. Verify that the vacs settings are correct.