IED5400ACS CPU Firmware (Updated 12 Jul 2016)

v1.6.1 - 12 Jul 2016

Works with Designer version and above

Features and Improvements:

- 5400ACS tries to fix offline DZMs (for updcoming DZM firmware release)
- Faster routing support for Brooklyn II devices
- Dante routing stability improvements
- Logic inputs attached to zones will now add dynamically instead of stopping/starting the message
- Added periodic data validation check with a hash key sent from Designer (once a minute)
- Alarm LED and channel route on the DZM now will stay active for the duration of an alarm
- Non alarm messages now release zones between plays so BGM or other messages can play
- Improved support of Director software
- You can now use Dynamic Zone Groups outside of alarms
- Lifeline controller availability


- Removed communication errors in many situations where there were no problems
- Various small bug fixes
- Fixed priority bug where high priority message sometimes would not override a lower priority message
- Fixed issue where a factory reset of controller from Designer would render controller useless
- Fixed firmware update package to not require a prerequisite package
- Fixed issue where setting time zone stopped working

Known issues:

- 5400ACS will sometimes get stuck in "Updating..." mode after a new configuration is sent

Support Files

IED5400ACS CPU Firmware V1.0.9.0