Windows User and Group Management for GCK 3.0+

User management in GCK 3.0+ is now managed through Windows Identity Management.  This allows for two options for handling users and roles.  Option 1 (not discussed here) is Active Directory integration.  In this scenario, all users and roles would be handled on the customer’s site domain controller, and a mapping is established between systems.  Option 2 is Windows Account Management.  In this scenario, the users are local to the GlobalCom Controller’s Windows subsystem. 

In the instance that these users do not get set up correctly, it is possible and relatively easy to set the users and roles up correctly.

All these steps are performed through the Windows Snap-In “lusrmgr”.  To open this window, open the Run dialog (Start->Run) and enter “lusrmgr.msc”.  You should be greeted with the following window.

Microsoft Windows Local Users and Groups

The first step is to add all three user groups that are used in GCK 3.0.  These must be spelled and capitalized exactly as follows:

  • GCK Advanced Users
  • GCK Installers
  • GCK Users

Once these groups are added, it is time to add the users.  While it’s not strictly necessary to enter these exact users, it is highly recommended. 

Microsoft Windows Local Users Edit

The standard three users and their group membership are as follows.  Remember, capitalization and spelling are important here.  The default password are the same as the username.

  • admin
    • Full name: “IED Admin Account”
    • Member of:
      • GCK Advanced Users
      • GCK Installers
      • GCK Users
    • installer
      • Full name: “IED Installer Account”
      • Member of:
        • GCK Installers
        • GCK Users
      • user
        • Full name: “IED User Account”
        • Member of:
          • GCK Users

Note that each user will be set up the same way:

  • “User must change password at next logon” - unchecked
  • “User cannot change password” – unchecked
  • “Password never expires” – checked
  • “Account is disabled” – unchecked
  • “Account is locked out” -unchecked

Admin Properties General

admin properties member of

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