GLOBALCOM Service Pack 4 Hot Fix 1

GLOBALCOM Service Pack 4 - Hotfix 1 (SP4_HF1)

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Service Pack 4 must be installed before applying this hot fix.
This release serves as an update to Service Pack 4.

Detailed Description:

vACS v2.1.14.0:
Bug 2144: Include zone group in LiveAnnouncementReport to the Regurgitator.
Bug 2093: Support multiple simultaneous announcements to a 90xxRY device.
Bug 2054: Scheduled TTS announcements not sending visual text to sign zones.
Bug 2156: Support multiple simultaneous announcements to an LVIO and NLR device.

VACSDeviceDiscovery v1.8.2.0
Bug 2134: Correctly set ambient properties for fixed and slave mode.
Backlog 2140: Added config setting to enable\disable SNMP discovery.
Bug 2142: Do not set Remote MTC property if ambient file cannot be read.
Bug 2133: Improve handling of timeouts when applying configuration to a device.

System Supervision v1.6.6.0
Bug 2148: Added 90xxRY's to system supervision.

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