GLOBALCOM Service Pack 3 Hot Fix 5 with release notes

GLOBALCOM Service Pack 3 - Hotfix 5 (SP3_HF5)

Service Pack 3 must be installed before applying this hot fix.
This release serves as an update to Service Pack 3.
SP3_HF5 includes SP3_HF1, SP3_HF2, SP3_HF3 and SP3_HF4.

Detailed Description:

vACS v2.1.12.0:
HF5 Backlog 1991: Added config setting to control number of available Titan receivers.
HF5 Bug 1990: Do not report Titan timeouts as faults.
HF5 Bug 1989: Improve mic control line fault reporting.
HF5 Bug 1914: Improvements to file sync dll.
HF5 Bug 1902: Fix ability to support multiple remote zone groups in zone bridging mode.
HF5 Bug 1921: Added config setting to move delayed announcement into playback phase after a no audio TO from a TEL.
HF5 Bug 1926: Fix audio detection on local soundcard when card is not the first audio device in the devices list.
HF5 Bug 1938: Only include zones in the reports during the playback states of delayed and TTS announcements.
HF5 Bug 1924: Preempting announcement could lose the zones it preempted when the preempted announcement go through the deactivation process.
HF5 Bug 1839: TTS announcements source ID (input number) changes from the initiating device's input number to 65535 during playback.
HF5 Backlog 80: Soundcard network connectivity detection and fault reporting.
HF5 Bug 1928: Move all Titan gain adjustments (mute, emergency, day/night schedules) to the output of the zone mixer.
HF4 Bug 1698: Update File Synch manager when the vACS.xml file changes.
HF4 Bug 1619: Fix ability to initiate a FaultSet/FaultClear action from an event intiated via a TEL.
HF4 Bug 1574: Fix ability to auto-advance and FAS sequence.
HF4 Bug 1095: Fix ability to report source ID's greater than 255 to the SMC.
HF4 Bug 1573: Fix ability to display the mic # associated with a TEL source in the SMC's list of current anncs.
HF4 Bug 1615: Fix duplicate time tag in visual information sent to sign for a TTS announcement.
HF4 Bug 1616: Initiate visual sign scrolling after the announcement moves to the active state.
HF4 Bug 1786: Implement the ability to send deactivation request to titan zones that did not respond to activation request.
HF3 Bug 1544: Re-applying the fix for bug 1465 from SP3_HF1.
HF2 BackLog 1431: Passes IsEmergency flag to remote vACS systems.
HF2 BackLog 1502: Ability to activate more than one zone group on a remote vACS system.
HF2 Bug 1173: Lifeline vACS no longer responds to IEDnet messages with the response bit set.
HF2 Bug 1174: When paging to zones in an offline system, the announce no longer moves to active state.
HF2 Bug 1426: Sends visual time tag information to remote systems for a multi-system TTS announcement.
HF2 Bug 1427: Removes visual time tags of 0.
HF1 Bug 1465: Fix RTP receiver leak after processing an incoming RTP announcement from a remote vACS as a delayed announcement.

MSG 1.3.7
HF5 Bug 1914: Improvements to file sync dll.
HF5 Bug 1918: Not always generating TTS file especially with NeoSpeech engines.
HF5 Bug 1923: Implemented the ability to control the Record Frequence via an exe.config setting.
HF5 Bug 1948: Implemented soundcard network status monitoring.
HF5 Bug 1893: Not playing pre-annoucement chime prior to a TTS or delayed announcement.
HF1 Bug 1445: Fix ability for MSG to remove an errored announcement from its internal announcement list.

TEL v1.4.3.1
HF5 Bug 1912: Added FROM tag in register message.
HF4 Bug 1724: Allow username and extension number to be different.
HF4 Bug 1620: Remove event log spamming.
HF2 Bug 1435: Changed re-registration time in exe.config file from
3600sec to 60sec.

SMC v1.0.5309.19838
HF5 Bug 1929: Raised upper threshold for inaudible tests to max (12dB).
HF5 Bug 1930: Do not display non tested points as faulted.
HF5 Bug 1916: Validate User Group IDs.
HF5 Bug 1900: Ability to manually change the RemoteOnly DAB transmitter bundle.
HF5 Bug 1936: Added upper and lower limit to bundle validation.
HF4 Bug 1706: Fixed null reference when printing fault descriptions.
HF4 Bug 1498: Fix ability to push imported takes to Lifeline and MSG devices.
HF4 Bug 1554: Validate TEL extensions- check for duplicates.
HF4 Bug 902: Remove "use prompt" checkbox from PTT, sidekick, and logic input actions.
HF4 Bug 971: Do not show exceptions when using the "reboot vACS" feature.
HF4 Bug 976: Correct IO device descriptions.
HF4 Bug 977: Change all occurances of "Sign Group" to "Display Controller".
HF4 Bug 1095: Support source numbers greater than 255 in LiveFeed messages.
HF4 Bug 1499: Fix ability to clear a blanking zonegroup from an action.
HF4 Bug 1543: Validate start and stop times on scheduled actions.
HF4 Bug 1592: Fix display order of FaultType and FaultNumber on FaultSet and FaultClear actions.
HF4 Bug 1614: Do not save an empty Takes.xml.
HF4 Bug 1618: Fix ability to modify configuration of vACS internal ASI soundcard.
HF4 Bug 1782: Validate cumulative number of Rx channels on an ASI soundcard.
HF4 Bug 1783: Fix exceptions when editing soundcard on an MSG.
HF4 Bug 1789: Correct errors in take editor functionality.
HF4 Bug 1792: Cannot select blanking zone group that is the same as the destination zone group.
HF4 Bug 1803: Correctly process optional field in a fault set message.
HF4 Bug 1835: Correctly display option field information in the current fault list.
HF2 Backlog 1483: SMC always downloads the latest version in any browser.
HF2 Bug 1147: Adding remote zonegroup to zonegroups GUI issue.
HF2 Bug 1152: Fault log under admin page lacking information.
HF2 Bug 1432: Horizontal scrollbar for zonegroup picker to accommodate large zone devices.
HF2 Bug 1476: System Supervision Config xml included in backup file.
HF2 Bug 1479: System Supervision set to delayed start.
HF2 Bug 1491: Action slot building bug for LVIOs.
HF2 Bug 1492: Fixed default takes.xml file.

Regurgitator v1.2.3.3
HF4 Bug 1095: Fix ability to support source numbers greater than 255.
HF2 Bug 803: Fixing special Character ([,],;) handling for live feed

System Supervision v1.6.3.0
HF4 Bug 1561: Fix ability to use the Device Specific fault descriptions configured in SMC.
HF2 Bug 1430: Fixing a problem that caused a large delay in processing
EOB faults

VACSDeviceDiscovery v1.7.4.0
HF5 Bug 1929: Raised upper threshold for inaudible tests to max (12dB).
HF4 Bug 1709: Fix BGM channel clearing logic.
HF4 Bug 1793: Fix ability to apply setting for even numbered Titan EQ bands.
HF2 Backlog 1164: Disco will no longer generate "Went offline" or
"Device was not discovered" faults
HF2 Backlog 1165: Disco will attempt to update devices even if it did
not discover them
HF2 Bug 1181: Titan devices will have their report action tables data
corrected if it is wrong
HF2 Bug 1343: Removed the message "TCP Connection accepted"
from being logged to the event log

OS BatchFiles v2.1.0.0
HF4 Backlog 1642: Disable windows error reporting.

Sip Server v1.2.3.0
HF5 Bug 1906: Unidata WPU-7800 Compatibility.