528 Mic Station Power Draws

These measurements are provided to get a sense of PoE power required for 528 mic stations.  These are all for the newer versions with CobraNet chipsets rather than the older CM-1 module version and the newer screen and DC-to-DC power converting (shipments starting Spring 2013). Measurements were made on a vertical unit, but should be practically identical for the horizontal model.

528V at idle (backlight off and no audio) - 4.63W  (Note, on previous version of 528, this was 6.45W)

528V max (w/ backlight and audio on) - 5.42W (Note, on previous version of 528, this was 7.72W)

528V max with 528E board - 6.87W

528SK (Sidekick) - 1.26W

520FME - 0.40W

528V max w/ 528E and three 528SK's - 10.63W