1112PS GLOBALCOM Power Supply Product Description and Specification

The 1112PS is a rack mount power supply designed to provide 12V DC power to GLOBALCOM devices. The 1112PS ships with a single 1112PSM power supply module capable of delivering up to 37 Amps of 12V DC power to as many as eight (8) GLOBALCOM devices. This allows a single power supply to power multiple 1100ACS, 1200ACS, 1100MSG, 1200MSG, and 1300CNB units. Each unit is connected to a fused power output port on the rear of the 1112PS. The connectors are secured using the supplied cover plate to prevent unwanted disconnections. A second 1112PSM power supply module can be added to provide redundancy. If a module fails, the remaining module will assume the full load. A module can be replaced while the other module is left on without interrupting power to the system. A relay is provided that will de-energize if a power supply module has failed. This closure can be monitored through the supervision system.

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