LC372SR Sound Reinforcement Module

The LC372SR is a classroom sound reinforcement module designed for use in the IED LANcom SCS. The LC372SR utilizes wireless infrared microphones with an integrated receiver-audio mixer/amplifier to provide audio amplification in small to medium-sized applications like classrooms, libraries, lecture halls, small gymnasiums and auditoriums. The LC372SR has a line-level output to feed external devices such as hearing assistant systems, audio recorders or larger power amplifiers if it is used in a larger room such as a gymnasium. The Sound Reinforcement Module comes complete with 30 watt amplifier/receiver, infrared microphone, infrared sensor and charging station. It is controlled using a web based interface for simplified configuration and use. It features no external knobs or switches to eliminate tampering or inadvertent system changes. All adjustments are made through IED’s LANcom SCS Software (LC3000SW) that allows teachers and end users to easily manage program source selection, individual component volume, muting and other functions after the installing contractor sets levels for emergency messages, bells and paging audio.

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