Service Pack 1 - Hotfix 1 (Obsolete)

Replaced by SP2, Downloads disabled. All Features, and fixes are included in SP2.

GLOBALCOM Service Pack 1 - Hotfix 1 (SP1HF1)

This release serves as an update to Service Pack 1.

Detailed Description:   


  • Bug Fix: Enhanced stability and memory management, specifically in socket handling.    


  • Bug Fix: Clean up error message to the IED event log.
  • Bug Fix: Fixes ability to queue announcement going to remote systems when the resources are busy on the remote system.
  • Bug Fix: Fixes 528 mics to accept airline codes greater than 500.

SMC 1.0.4904.19620

  • Bug Fix: GLOBALCOM updater no longer errors on large files.
  • Bug Fix: Cannot set 1502AI to be BGM channel on AO.
  • Bug Fix: Removed “Advanced” Permission Bit from user login.  Allowing this bit caused the user to not be able to log in.


Regurgitator 1.2.2 Release 2

  • Compatibility: Uses new IEDNet version               

System Supervision 1.4.3 Release 3

  • Bug Fix: SystemSupervisionConfig.xml was missing from 1.4.3 Release 2.  It is now included in 1.4.3 Release 3.
  • Compatibility: Uses new IEDNet version              

vACS Device Discover 1.6.1

  • Rollback: and 1.62 have bugs that will be fixed in SP2, rollback to 1.6.1.

File Details:

Filename: IEDNetInstaller.exe

Release Date:  3/8/2013

File Size:  9.21MB

Filename: IEDGC_SP1_HF1_20130724.gcz

Release Date: 07/24/2013

File Size:  85.9MB

Installation Instructions:

  1. Download and Run the file IEDNetInstaller.exe on your IED1100/1200 Device and follow the dialog to completion.
  2. Download the attached ".gcz" file from the link above or Click Here.
  3. Login to the GLOBALCOM System Management Center Web Page (SMC) - You must have administrator privileges to perform this update.
  4. Navigate to the Admin page.
  5. Expand the "Software Update" Accordion Tab.
  6. Ensure a Flash Drive with the downloaded update file is inserted in a free USB slot on your computer if updating remotely or in the rear of the 1100/1200 device if updating locally.
  7. Click the "Update Software" button and navigate to the update file you wish to apply.
  8. Once the file is selected, click the "Open" button. 
  9. The Update process will now begin and may take several minutes to complete as the entire system is backed up prior to performing any file change.


* NOTE - System operation will be interrupted during this process so please schedule during periods of inactivity.