Globalcom Hotfix 2 for Service Pack 2

GLOBALCOM Service Pack 2 - Hotfix 2 (SP2HF2)

Service Pack 2 must be installed before applying this hot fix.  This release serves as an update to Service Pack 2.   SP2 HF2 includes SP2 HF1.


Detailed Description:   


·         SMC 1.0.4997.20474

                HF2 Bug 993: Fixed take management

                HF2 Bug 988: Display Zonegroups area in Zone number order, not device order.

                HF2 Bug 989: Fixed sidekick button labeling

                HF2 Bug 991: Improved localization

                HF2 Bug 990: Removed some required fields for Telephone interface, for systems without this feature.

                HF2 Bug 1019: vACS config print button stability improvements.

·                         HF1 Work Item 945: Clean up first run wizard operation and fix services started/disabled upon selection

·                         HF1 Bug Fix 965: Image had the wrong fault logger description file specified.


vACS Device Discovery

                HF2 Bug 1009: Fixed Titan Communication Errors

                HF1 Work Item 944: Fixed an issue that prevented AI1502 from being updated



                HF2 Bug 1017: Fixed Multi-system mute problem.

                HF2 Bug 994: Thread count reset issue potential fix.

                HF2 Bug 1067: Fixed Live with chime to local zones only.

                HF2 Bug 1066: Live announcement with pre-announcement chime to a single system.

                HF2 Bug 1008: vACS unnecessarily releasing DAB when ending an announcement.

                HF2 Bug 1020: Legacy ACS VIS data handling is now working.

                HF2 Config File Change: MaxThreadCount from 100 to 1024.

                HF1 bug 926: Fix ability to find correct LIR device when a button press report is received.

                HF1 bug 961: The vACS stops receiving incoming IEDnet messages after doing an IEDnet broadcast with a callback.

                HF1 bug 960: offline 1522LR devices do not stop the vACS from processing announcements.


System Supervision Viewer 1.3.1

                HF1 Updated for compatibility

File Details:

Filename: Service Pack 2 Hotfix 2.gcz                 

Release Date:  9/9/2013

File Size:  87.7 MB