GlobalCom Service Pack 3

Below is the link for GlobalCom Service Pack 3 and the issues which it addresses.


 GLOBALCOM Service Pack 3

Service Pack 3 includes all GLOBALCOM software and does not require any previous updates.

Detailed Description of Features and Bug Fixes:

SMC 1.0.5057.21301
Bug 1167 - Telephone interfaces were showing incorrect number of telephone extensions.
Bug 1191 - Test points sent to titan frames are not persisting through a reboot of the titan frame.
Backlog Item 1189 - Ability to configure a DelayedFromAlternateSource action type.
Bug 908 - No longer allows user to specify a bundle number already in use for a generic cobranet device.
Bug 1150 - When adding fault triggers to relays, window can grow too large.
Bug 325 - Fixes red background for Titan test points that do not have valid set value.
Bug 534 - DNA Test Screen Initial Set shows results with red background.
Bug 646 - Devices grid no longer scrolls back to the top after cancelling an edit box.
Bug 1096 - Add a 1502AI as a mic source, only the first AI input appears on the "Mic and Zones" monitor section.
Bug 650 - Error sending to vACS bug should no longer show up in the log (fixed).
Bug 978 - The action edit screen(s) on the SMC still contain the drop down list for Combinable Action Group.
Bug 1093 - Adding a new zone group "Empty Zone List" error hides the new zone group until at least one zone is selected.
Bug 1098 - Cannot select "local system" when adding a new Device specific fault description.
Bug 1103 - Log spam Cleanup
Bug 1262 - now only allows one instance of an extension number across entire system
Bug 1269 - Sets vacs device discovery service start type to "Automatic (Delayed)" when first run is ran.
Backlog Item 1184 - Expand phone extension to allow more digits

Backlog Item 630 - Add "Delay from alternate source" action type.
Bug 337 - Fixed reporting of subSystem fault when the LIR does not respond to a poll.
Bug 1168 - Improve control of GroupControllerStatus broadcast timing and mic fault reporting.
Bug 1286: Fix FaultSet and FaultClear actions when initiated from a mic station.

vACS Device Discovery
Bug 1144 - GLOBALCOM image needed this service to be set up to "Automatic (Delayed)" startup type.
Bug 1141 - Fault management should now be more responsive
Bug 1161 - Titan settings should now be permanent (some previously weren't).
Bug 1267 - cleared up log spam from 3rd party device interaction.

Bug 1183 - Removed EOB Test Viewer.

System Supervision
Bug 906 - fixed stability issues if configuration settings were missing.
Bug 1143 - No longer polls mic stations for faults.
Bug 1188 - EOB Branch 0 fault description has been corrected.
Backlog Item 980 - added code to fix timeout crash on startup
Backlog Item 1274 - Change the pollingTimerFrequency in the config file from 10s to 2s.

Bug 1103 - Log spam Cleanup

MSG 1.3.3
Bug 1192 - made code changes to prevent d:\messages\delayed from taking up too much space.
Bug 1190 - Soundcard polling has been throttled back to 2500ms instead of 250ms.

Telephone Service
Backlog Item 1184 - Expand phone extension to allow more digits
Bug 638 - Added some more detailed error messages.
Bug 984 - Log spam cleanup

SIP Server
Bug 1256 - SIPServer no longer denies re-registration to Cisco SPA 502/504 phones.
Bug 1258 - SipServerMonitor no longer times out when update status button is clicked.
Backlog Item 1184 - Expand phone extension to allow more digits

Device Discovery Utility 1.0.3 (Installed on a per customer basis)
Backlog Item 910 - implement the ability to discover generic cobranet devices (including DABs).

OS Changes
Notepad++ is now associated with .xml, .exe.config, and .ied files
Wireshark only shows the physical network adaptor for capturing.
Bug 1182 - Updated FTDI drivers to 2.08.30
Bug 1183 - Removed EOB Test Viewer from the image (will be installed on per customer basis).