Configuring IP Addresses on an 1100DAB

Each 1100DAB will need its IP addresses to be set up for the project for the two CM-1 modules contained within.  in short the steps are:

1. Install the stand-alone Device Discovery Utility (installer attached)

 2. Plug both network ports on the 1100DAB on the same LAN (or VLAN) as each other and the configuration computer/laptop, or directly connect one at a time to the configuration computer/laptop via a crossover cable.

 3. Run the Device Discovery Utility.

 4. It should find the attached halves of the 1100DAB as two 510N cards (what the CM-1 modules inside the 1100DAB report themselves as).  These will be at IP addresses and for networks 1 and 2, respectively.  (That is how they were configured leaving the factory.)

 5. Select one of the two halves and click in the IP address cell and enter a new value that will be used on this project, followed by the <Enter> key

 6. Select the other half and enter its IP address in the same way.

 7. Route the Network 1 and Network 2 cables to their final locations in this installation on two different LANs/VLANs

[Update October 2014]
Some people have found the slides presented as part of the GLOBALCOM Service Pack 2 release to be helpful in understanding the 1100DAB and how to configure it.  These slides have been extracted from the larger presentation and attached to this article in PDF form.

[Update August 2017]

If the newly assigned IP addresses are not persisting through a reboot of the device, make sure that the Cobranet "persistence" is enabled.  You can check or edit this value via Cobranet Discovery, ASI Control, or a MiB Browser.

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