GLOBALCOM Service Pack 5 Hot Fix 1

GLOBALCOM Service Pack 5 - Hotfix 1 (SP5_HF1)

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Service Pack 5 must be installed before applying this hot fix.
This release serves as an update to Service Pack 5.

Detailed Description:

vACS v2.1.15.7
Bug 2466: Allow vACS to forward I24 messages received from its own IP.

SMC v1.0.5533.31207:
Bug 2404: Fix overall level and ambient output meters on DNA ambient screen.
Bug 2441: Fix overall level meter on the Titan ambient screen.

vACSDeviceDiscoveryService v1.8.4.1:
Bug 2363: Only send SetTransport method when an IP or Subnet needs to change.
Bug 2464: Reregister for meter data after ambient changes are applied.
Bug 2467: Round meter values instead of truncate.
Bug 2468: Reregister for meter data after an ambient test or calibration.

TelephoneService v2.0.1.0:
Bug 2428: TelephoneService does not run on an 1151VACS on Windows Server 2012 R2

SipServer v2.0.2.0
Bug 2378: Dialing a non-existent extension throws exception
Bug 2400: Grandstream can fail to authenticate.


Detailed description of issues that the Hot Fix addresses are also available as an attachment to this article.

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