GLOBALCOM Service Pack 5 Hot Fix 4

Released on 5/31/2016.

GLOBALCOM Service Pack 5 - Hotfix 4 (SP5_HF4)

Download link (32-bit):
Download link (64-bit):

Service Pack 5 must be installed before applying this hot fix.
This release serves as an update to Service Pack 5.

Detailed Description:

vACS v2.1.15.22
HF4: Remove VIS xml tags before passing text to TTS engine.
HF4: Support WCF commands to stop events.
HF4: Pass max announcement time to the audio dll during a delayed or record take action.
HF4: Terminate commands to an 8000 system with a carriage return.
HF4: Allow mics to stop SMC initiated events. Allow SMC to stop mic initiated events.
HF4: Fix issue paging from an external TEL to local and remote zones.
HF4: Fix device handle used when activating relays on an LVIO.
HF4: Use priority field in a remote announcement request as an announcement class ID.
HF4: Report announcement originator IP to the regurgitator service.
HF4: Fix parsing of repeat interval from an IEDnet announcement request.
HF4: Live and LiveFromAltSource actions honor the preemptKill setting.
HF4: Fix resource clean up process after a live announcement times out in the ready state.
HF4: Improve zone recovery process.
HF4: Fix ability to stop a DelayedFromAltSource action from a logic input.
HF4: Fix ability to process Audio Controller IEDnet messages.
HF3 Log 2426: Implement sign power save mode for NYCT.
HF3 Bug 2405: Fix Delayed Reason scroll box on 528 mics.
HF1 Bug 2466: Allow vACS to forward I24 messages received from its own IP.

SMC v1.0.5756.x:
HF4: Custom UI changes for Eli Lilly.
HF3 Log 2580: Remove Telephone Extension Limits. User can add any number of lines.
HF3 Bug 2602: Don't use SignGroups or IntercomGroups IP for IP conflict checks.
HF1 Bug 2404: Fix overall level and ambient output meters on DNA ambient screen.
HF1 Bug 2441: Fix overall level meter on the Titan ambient screen.

vACSDeviceDiscoveryService v1.8.5.1:
HF3 Log 2574: Implement the ability to modify audible and inaudible test deviation for Titan frames.
HF2 Bug 2499: Fix zone numbers sent to titan frame when initiating an ambient calibration or test.
HF1 Bug 2363: Only send SetTransport method when an IP or Subnet needs to change.
HF1 Bug 2464: Reregister for meter data after ambient changes are applied.
HF1 Bug 2467: Round meter values instead of truncate.
HF1 Bug 2468: Reregister for meter data after an ambient test or calibration.

TelephoneService v2.0.1.1:
HF4: Fix "invalid speaker" error on Server 2012 systems.
HF1 Bug 2428: TelephoneService does not run on an 1151VACS on Windows Server 2012 R2.

SipServer v2.0.2.0
HF1 Bug 2378: Dialing a non-existent extension throws exception.
HF1 Bug 2400: Grandstream can fail to authenticate.

SystemSupervisionService v1.7.2.0
HF3 Bug 2575: Send fault clears to all subscribers when service is shutting down.
HF3 Bug 2633: Do not send SNMP traps for suppressed faults.

Regurgitator v1.2.4
HF4: Add field for originator IP in the LiveAnnouncementMessage class.

LIR v2.5.0
HF4: Performance enhancements when setting/clearing multiple relays.

Special Notes:
#2574 only changes the test deviation thresholds applied "behind the scenes".
It does not affect the red background on readings in the SMC Test window.
These have always been when the readings are +/- 3 dB from the Set value, Not
what the set deviation was (which before this release was +/-1.5 dB).