Creating a Scheduled Task to Auto Close Microsoft Internet Explorer

A known deficiency in many versions of Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) is that it has memory leaks.  If left running for a long period of time, it will eventually consume all of the available Windows resources, possibly impacting operation of the background GLOBALCOM tasks.  For this reason, AtlasIED ships controllers like the 1200ACS and IP108 with a Windows scheduled task that logs the user out after over an hour of idle time (task Auto Logoff). 

However, there are some special installations, where the Auto Logoff task must be disabled because it closes ALL desktop applications, rather than just IE.  There are situations where one or more special applications must be left running, such as the Telecite Display Driver software for New York City Transit stations.  Therefore logging off is not an option.  Instead, a scheduled task should be added to the system to prevent any users from leaving IE running indefinitely.  How to do this is described in this application note.


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