MTX Audio Update - July, 2014

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MTX Jackhammer Car Subwoofer
MTX "It's Good To Be King" Contest
Enter & Win The 400 lb Jackhammer Sub!

Win The World's Largest Production Subwoofer... The Jackhammer!

Simply place a registered order online at between July 11th, 2014, and September 30th, 2014. Each time you purchase you increase your chances of winning.

Or Signup for the MTX Newsletter below to enter in the same time period and get our monthly tips and specials! (Only one newsletter signup entry per person)

One Grand Prize Winner will receive the TS9924-22 24" JackHammer Subwoofer, manufactured by MTX Audio, worth $9999.95!
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MTX XTHUNDER Car Amplifier
Why Add an Amplifier?

Whether you listen to rap, heavy metal, or classical music… Whether you want to rattle the windows of houses while you drive by or you just want to listen to your music softly with the quality of a live concert… Your audio system can greatly benefit from adding an amplifier.

Some reasons to add an amplifier to your sound system:

  • Better sound quality
  • Power for upgraded speakers
  • Powering a subwoofer

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MTX Jackhammer Additional Alternators

Do Big Stereos Need Extra Batteries?

Customers often ask us if they need to add an extra battery or two when installing a large car audio system that includes multiple amps, speakers, and subwoofers?

Deciding to add an extra battery is dictated by the system and how it will be used, and an alternator upgrade may be a more important consideration.


MTX XTHUNDER800.5 Car Amplifier

Product Spotlight:

The XTHUNDER800.5 Amplifier

The XTHUNDER800.5 is the latest evolution of the Thunder amplifier series that MTX Audio made famous almost 20 years ago. These amplifiers are designed to deliver extreme power to the most demanding systems whether they be subwoofers or full range speakers. Using high end materials and a dedication to precision workmanship, the XTHUNDER Series deliver exceptional sound quality and performance.

This hard working, five channel amp is a terrific choice for powering your entire car sound system with power galore four four speakers and plenty left to power a hard hitting subwoofer as well. The Audio Enthusiasts first choice for sound quality, reliability and MTX state-of-the-art design features.

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MTX Streetwires Amp Kit
20% Off Streetwire Accessories!
   - Amp Kits, Interconnects and Sound Dampening

For a limited time, MTX is offering an additional 20% off all StreetWires ZN5 Series and ZN3 Series amplifier kits and interonnects as well as ZeroNoise sound dampening material when you purchase a qualifying amplifier, power pack, or amplified enclosure.

Video Spotlight:

95 Series Superwoofer Industry-Leading Thermal Management System

The new MTX 95 Series Superwoofers due out later this year offer three levels of thermal protection to keep pumping full SPL for hours on end. No sub can compare...

Another MTX Dream...
MTX Dream 2


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