MTX Audio Update - August, 2015

MTX Audio Update - August, 2015

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Why Add a Car Audio Amplifier?

Whether you listen to rap, heavy metal, or classical music… Whether you want to rattle the windows of houses while you drive by or you just want to listen to your music softly with the quality of a live concert… Your audio system can greatly benefit from adding an amplifier.

Some reasons to add an amplifier to your sound system:

  • Better sound quality
  • Power for upgraded speakers
  • Powering a subwoofer
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Golf Cart Audio Systems

For years, people have been customizing their golf carts by adding audio systems, lift kits, custom wheels, custom upholstery, and more. Whether they use them on the golf course, around the farm, in the pits at the racetrack, or to cruise the campground, people want their golf carts to be personalized and fun.

Adding an audio system does both, but installing an audio system in a golf cart has its challenges.

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For a Limited Time...

MTX Weekly Deals are now found in 'Limited Supply'
under Car, Marine and Home Audio

Great Deals on Great MTX Audio Components...

The MTX MUDHSB-B Motorcycle Sound Bar

The MTX MUDHSB-B is an outdoor, weather-resistant, and super-rugged universal sound bar solution that is designed to deliver exceptional audio quality to any vehicle with handlebars.

Plenty Of Power

This all-in-one unit includes six total speakers delivering all of the power you need to hear your music while you racing down the highway.

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2015 Arizona Off-Road & Sand Expo

Come by the MTX booth to see the latest, hottest off-road audio gear at this year's Arizona Off-Road& Sand Expo!

MTX Audio will be blasting our latest motorsports audio with bluetooth, all providing dependable, MTX ground pounding, rock and roll for your ride!

Another MTX Dream...

Another MTX Dream Bike

Enjoy your ride! - The MTX Team