MTX StreetWires ZN3K-04 4 AWG Amplifier Kit

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MTX 4 AWG Amplifier Kit
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SKU: ZN3K-04
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StreetWires® ZN3 amplifier kits are the "better" in the StreetWires line of amplifier kit solutions. They feature everything you need to get your system powered up. Kit contains: 18' 4 AWG Red Power Cable, 4' 4 AWG Black Ground Cable, 16' 18 AWG Remote Wire, (1) 4 AWG Ring Terminal 5/16", (1) 4 AWG AFS Fuse Holder, (1) 150A AFS Fuse, (1) 18 AWG Red Butt Connector, (1) 18 AWG Spade Terminal, (1) 4 AWG Ring Terminal 3/16", (2) 4 AWG Spade Connectors

  • 105ºC Poly-Flex Jacket
  • CEA-2015 Compliant
  • Optimized Stranding
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