MTX StreetWires ZN620 2 Meter 2-Channel RCA Interconnect

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MTX 2 Meter 2-Channel RCA Interconnect
SKU: ZN620
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Hypertwist Construction,Teflon Dielectric,Serpentine Cut Connectors,Dual Split Banana Center Pin

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The THUNDER Series speakers are designed to compliment any installation while delivering a full range sound experience for all types of music. In order to get the most out of your music and hear it as the artist performed it, you need speakers that can reproduce the full range of sound frequencies.

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The WET75.4 is a 4-channel full range amplifier. The WET75.4 is capable of producing up to 400W total RMS power, 100 watts per channel. The unit features a a class A/B circuit design that delivers exceptional sound quality and small chassis with an extruded heat sink that effectively dissipates heat ensuring long play times.

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