MTX StreetWires ZNSDBULK30 ZeroNoise Sound Dampening Mat 3.0mm Bulk Kit


Car Audio Accessory

Everything You Need for the Perfect Install

MTX Sound Dampening Mat 3.0mm Bulk Kit
Sold Individually
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    StreetWires ZeroNoise NoiseKiller Sound Dampening Mat is designed to reduce vibrations, rattles, and road noise in your vehicle so you get the most out of your audio system. Available in five different kits, the Noise Killer mat is easy to install and a must have for any audio enthusiast looking to increase the sound quality of their system.

    ZeroStain Material Provides Excellent Adhesion with Minimal Mess
    Dramatically Reduces Engine Noise and Noise Caused by System
    Works for Any Vehicle Make or Model
    Tech Specs
    Sheets Included 15
    Sheet Size 12" x 24"
    Sheet Thickness 3.0mm
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