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15" 750-Watt RMS Dual 2Ω Car Audio Subwoofer

Our 75 Series SuperWoofer has been known for being extremely reliable while it rocks like nobody's of the best in the market. We stepped it up a few notches and have now brought the 75 Series back. Just like the 95 Series, the 75 Series is a "GAME CHANGER" in the SPL world. And sound quality is uncomparable, exceeded by only the MTX 95 Series.

If you compete and want a subwoofer that's not only affordable, but reliable, and has been engineered by some of the best in the manufacturing world then get ready to... "PUT SOME THUNDER IN YOUR DOME"!

  • Cast Aluminum Basket
  • Glass Fiber Cone
  • Inverted Apex Surround
  • Progressive Suspension
  • Radial Ribbed T-Yoke
  • Spider Plateau Venting
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    Inverted Apex Surround

    The Inverted Apex Surround replaces the older style high roll surround. This new surround design increases effective surface area of the cone by using half the width of an older style surround without sacrificing any excursion. Couple that incredible excursion with increased surface diameter and the result is exponentially increased SPL output.

    Cool Under Pressure

    Spider Plateau Venting is a mechanical cooling process that circulates hot air for cool air at the voice coil as the subwoofer continuously cycles. The constant movement of hot air out and cooler air in, targeted directly at the high temperature voice coil increases reliability and longetivity.

    Radial Ribbed T-Yoke

    The specially designed backplate on the 75 Series not only gives it an impressive stance, but acts as an additional medium to conduct heat away from the voice coil. The increased surface area of the backplate dissipates additional heat ensuring the 75 subwoofer plays with lower distortion for extended periods.

    Subwoofer Wiring Calculator

    Learn how to properly wire your subwoofers with this easy subwoofer wiring diagram tool.

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    Recommended Amp Power (RMS) 375 - 750
    Frequency Response 20Hz - 130Hz
    Impedance Dual 2Ω
    Sensitivity 87.53 dB
    Voice Coil 2.5"
    Magnet Weight 119 oz.
    Mounting Depth 8.375"
    Cut Out Diameter 13.875"
    Volume Displacement (cu in) 91.66
    Sealed Enclosure Net Volume 1.5 cu ft
    Vented Enclosure Net Volume 2.48 cu ft

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