What Are The Differences Between Subwoofer Sizes?

Throughout the performance audio industry there are going to an abundance of variations of subwoofers. With as many competitors and brands there are currently in the market, many options are going to be available to consumers. It is very important for you to know that not all subwoofers are created equal in the performance audio world. Subwoofers are synonymous with creating an experience of thunder like no other when your favorite song comes on the radio. Nothing can you give you more of a sound escape than when the bass drops and is channeled throughout your subs and sound system.

Throughout MTX Audio’s history, we have become well recognized as the leader in subwoofer technology and products to offer to the performance audio market. Our engineering team has pushed the envelope to create some of the most innovative subwoofer technology in the audio industry. To revolutionize the way subwoofers are designed, engineered, and built; our team came up with an innovative solution to provide more power and performance from your subwoofer by creating Inverted Apex Sound. So, what is Inverted Apex Sound; it works by using the surround material around the outer edge of the cone connecting to the basket of the subwoofer, allowing the cone to move up and down from its resting position in proportion to the voice coil travel.

As you can imagine, the surrounding design of a subwoofer plays a significant role in the performance and sound clarity because it controls the linear travel of the subwoofer cone. A linear cone is designed to travel with solid support at the end of its travel and it is critical important for an accurate reproduction of music, to allow for clear and crisp audio quality and sound. Similarly, it works the way an accordion compression does, the Inverted Apex Surround is built to fold in at the edge when de-energized, and unfolding to extend up and down as your music starts and the amplifiers output is applied. This type of innovation and technology is how we can create various sizes of subwoofers that pack more thunder, punch, and bass without compromising on quality and reliability. Like automotive engines, the larger the subwoofer the more output of power it is going to create, and in turn create an unrivaled experience of bass when you play your favorite music.

Does Subwoofer Size Determine Bass Output?

As the saying goes, bigger is better; well in the case of subwoofers that is true. A great comparison to relate subwoofer size and bass output is engine displacement within a car or truck. When any subwoofer is designed you need to look at how much air it can move through the cone, voice coil, and enclosure design. This will allow the subwoofer to produce more low-end frequencies which will ultimately produce a large volume of bass throughout your sound system. Subwoofers like engines, both need to be able to move a large quantity of air, the larger the piston in an engine the more horsepower it will be able create. In this case for a subwoofer, the larger the voice coil is the more output and power it will be able to produce the low frequencies needed for bass in a subwoofer.

For example, when you look at the difference between an 8-inch subwoofer versus a 10-inch, to a 12-inch subwoofer, it won’t be able to produce the same low frequencies that a ten-to-twelve-inch subwoofer will be able to create. When you’re looking to purchase single or multiple subwoofers, you really want to look upon yourself for perspective of lifestyle, music selection, and what you’re trying to accomplish with your sound output throughout your audio system. These variables will ultimately dictate the kind of bass, treble, and output your subwoofers will be able to produce for what you’re trying to accomplish.

So, to answer the question, does subwoofer size matter? It certainly does matter the larger the subwoofer is the more it will create the bass and experience you’re looking for in your sound system!

Subwoofer Sizes

Each subwoofer size is going to be different performance and output, the selection of size is going to be ultimately dependent on the consumer and how you would like to design your sound system. For instance, for the individual who is cruising down pacific coast highway or their favorite stretch of highway they’ll probably desire a subwoofer that gives them range of medium bass clarity, which would ultimately end up being one of our ten-inch 55 series subwoofers that will give the user incredible bass with optimal range of sound clarity. In comparison, for the user who wants to have all the thunder unleashed, they will want to consider looking our 12-inch S65 & 75 series subwoofers. This is going to be for the person who is an audio enthusiast who is looking to live loud and proud all while being able to show off their system at their next local car show or event.

There is nothing like the experience of when your favorite song drops the beat and then when the bass hits. Sound brings you to a place of tranquility and peace, subwoofers are just a piece of the puzzle that will help you create the perfect sound system for your lifestyle and needs.

Learn more and get started on finding your next music escape, by choosing the right subwoofer size for your goals below:

75 Series:

  •       This is our most competition level of subwoofers that we currently offer. Our 75 Series Subwoofer has been known for being extremely reliable while it rocks like nobody's business, it is one of the best performance subwoofers on the market today. We stepped it up a few notches and have now brought the 75 Series back. Just like our discontinued 95 Series, the 75 Series is a "GAME CHANGER" in the SPL world and sound quality is incomparable to our competitors.
  •       To power this subwoofer, we recommend that you use at least one of our 1000-watt Jackhammer Amplifiers to power the beast that is the 75 series subwoofer.

S65 Series:

  •       Built to deliver the most bass for your dollar and performance in your audio system.
  •       To power this subwoofer, we recommend that you use at least one of our 700-watt Jackhammer amplifiers to power the beast that is the s65 series subwoofer.

 55 Series:

  •       55 Series Subwoofers are high SPL subwoofers that deliver the most bass for your buck. Implementing many of the same features found on our 75 series subwoofers, the 55 Series can rock hard and loud for extended periods of time, while maintaining accurate and clean bass throughout the party.
  •       To power this subwoofer, we recommend that you use at least one of our 500-watt Jackhammer amplifier to power the beast that is the 55 series subwoofer. This will give you all the amperage you will need to receive the most out this range of subwoofers we offer.