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MTX Car Subwoofers... Famous for Thundering Bass

For over 40 years, MTX has delivered awesome car subwoofers to the world. MTX is home to the outrageous RFL, the Thunder 9500, the Black Gold, the Blue Thunder and the Eliminator subwoofer families. Now welcome our new Superwoofers... the new 75 and 95 Series! You will be impressed.

MTX 95 Series Subwoofer Side View

The primary MTX ADVANTAGE? MTX Audio developed the unique Inverted APEX Surround design that delivers more SPL from each subwoofer diameter with less distortion. Our 35, 55, 75 and 95 Series car subwoofers use this superior surround to rock hard, clear and long.

What is a subwoofer

A car subwoofer (or car sub) is a speaker designed to reproduce the low music frequencies (bass). The typical frequency range of consumer subwoofers is roughly 20-200 hertz. Car subwoofers are often paired with high frequency (tweeters) and mid-range speakers in a car to play back the entire range of music as it was originally recorded.

Component car subwoofers need to be matched with an amplifier and installed in the proper size enclosure for proper sound reproduction. MTX offers component amps and enclosures, or see our Subwoofer Packages for factory-matched components in one convenient kit.

Why do I need a car subwoofer?

The human ear detects a wide range of frequencies from high to low. many speakers cannot reproduce the entire range. This is one of the reasons why most stereos do not reproduce the same quality, volume and depth of sound you hear in concert.

Just like a subwoofer in your home theater system brings your movies to life with deep bass you can feel as well as hear, a car subwoofer does the same thing for your music.

Whether you want to feel the bass drum from your favorite rock band or provide the music for a block party, MTX has a subwoofer solution for you.

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About choosing a car subwoofer?


How To Choose The Best Component Subwoofers
  If you are new to car audio, choosing the right subwoofer can seem like a challenge, with so many subwoofer options out there. How can you decide which one is the best for you?

Five Tips For Choosing The Best Subwoofer Package
  Choosing the best ready-to-install subwoofer package for you.

Subwoofer Cooling
  Choose a car subwoofer with adequate internal cooling features to ensure sound quality and durability if you listen at loud volume for long periods.

Subwoofer Power
  Assumption: The higher the rated power handling, the louder it will sound? Perfectly logical, but not always true.

Ported Versus Sealed Subwoofer Enclosures
  Which style subwoofer enclosure is best for you?

Subwoofer Voice Coils: Single vs Dual
  Which subwoofer version is best for you?

Speaker Frequency vs Audio Frequency
  What are music frequencies and how do they relate to speakers?

Matching Amps: Subwoofer Impedance
  Calculating impedance of multiple subwoofers to match system to the proper amplifier.

Choose Car Subwoofer SPL or SQ?
  Sound pressure level (loud!) or sound quality? Or both?

Why Add an Amplifier?
  Subwoofers need a separate amplifier. Consider a five channel to include your speakers.


The New 95 Series Superwoofers - Thermal Management Video
  How the best subwoofer keeps cool to deliver accurate, high sound quality at loud volume for long periods.

The New 95 Series Superwoofers - Inverted Apex Surround Video
  How the best subwoofer delivers maximum SPL for a given diameter cone.

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About installing a car subwoofers and speakers?


Crossovers and Filters
  Make sure the right parts of the music go to the right speaker.

Speaker Application
  What the Recommended Enclosure information means.

  Unit Conversion and Electronic Formulas

  What does Xmax mean?

Subwoofer Phase
  Ensuring multiple subwoofers are wired in phase unless reverse mounted.

Subwoofer Wiring Diagrams
  Car subwoofer wiring diagram lookup for various number of subs at various impedance.

Car Subwoofer Installation & Mounting
  General guidelines for installing car subwoofers.

Car Speaker Installation & Mounting
  General guidelines for installing car speakers.

Car Amplifier Installation & Mounting
  General guidelines for installing car speaker and subwoofer amplifiers.

Do Big Stereos Need Extra Batteries?
  How to calculate when you need to add batteries, or upgrade alternators, for large power audio systems.

Car Audio Test Tones
  Download these test tones below to help set up the amplifier in your system.

Why Use Higher Quality Audio Wiring?
  Proper quality of audio wiring is important to the performance of a stereo system.


How to Wire Your Subwoofers to the Correct Impedance for Your Amplifier Video
  Choose the most efficient amplifier delivering adequate power to rock your subs, but without spending too much for wasted power.

How To Install Factory Replacement Door Speakers Video
  Replace stock speakers with great sounding component replacements.

How to Set Your Subwoofer Amplifier Gains Using Ohms Law Video
  A critical procedure to balance the amplifier output to the subwoofer maximum output.

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About building car subwoofer enclosures?


Enclosure Design
  How to make sure you have the right application for your speaker.

Enclosure Construction
  How to make sure you built your enclosure correctly!

Speaker Application
  What the Recommended Enclosure information means.

  Unit Conversion and Electronic Formulas

  What does Xmax mean?

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MTX Car Subwoofer Series Comparisons

  • Jackhammer
    • The world's largest production subwoofer (over 400 lbs).
  • 95 Series
    • The best! Our new Superwoofers with industry leading cooling and control to make this series unmatched in the industry for both SPL and sound quality.
  • 75 Series
    • Part of our new Superwoofer profile (with 95 Series) designed for maximum SPL and sound quality too.
  • 55 Series
    • An excellent mix of performance and value for people that want to add extreme bass to their system.
  • 35 Series
    • Economically priced subwoofers that deliver very impressive bass.
  • FPR Shallow
    • Offers both the convenience of a patented shallow mount design with awesome low frequency bass output.
  • Terminator
    • Traditional design for enthusiasts that want to give their audio system's bass a big boost.

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